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y name is Kenneth Stafford and I been have playing online poker for over three years. What at first started off as a hobby eventually began earning me enough money to allow me to quit my job and play poker for a living. With this new professional view towards poker I soon began to realise that there were many ways to boost my poker income.
After exploiting my discoveries for the last 18 months I decided to write The Poker Bible and set up this website. I also wrote an accompanying e-book which is available to download for free. Please feel free to give copies of The Poker Bible e-book to your friends or even resell it if you wish. I really don�t mind. All I ask is that you do not change the contents of this e-book in any way. Thank you.

How to use The Poker Bible: Use this website as a guide to what the different online poker rooms are offering. Be aware that they may change their offers or deposit bonuses more frequently than I will update The Poker Bible. To stay fully up to date join my
mailing list to get a monthly update of the best deals.

Finally, for every online poker room that I recommend, there will be a link to the site in question. By clicking on the link it will take you directly to the online poker room and enable you to check that what is written in this e-book is still accurate.

The Bible Truth: Being a new player at an online poker room is far better for you then being an old player.

Once you�re a loyal player at an online poker room you will rarely get rewarded. They make money off you each and every time you play and often offer very little back. However it�s amazing what great deals you get offered to entice you onto the online poker room in the first place. 

What you need to do: Join a new online poker room. That�s it.

Why? New players get the best deals. Let me make this clear. Online poker rooms are desperate for you to play on their site. They will often give you a lot of free money in an attempt to get you to choose them over their competitors. This is the cornerstone to every hint and tip I�m going to tell you about.

Each and every time you play poker the online poker room makes money for providing you the service. When you play a tournament they take an entry fee, if you sit in a cash game they take a percentage (rake) out of every pot. You can exploit their desire to get new players by simply becoming a new player and taking advantage of the great deals they�ll offer you.

Important: None of the online poker rooms offer the same deals so before you rush off to open a new online poker room account please allow me to take a moment to tell you what I�ve discovered.


* Being a new player at an online poker room is far better for you then being an old player.

* Online poker rooms are desperate for your business. Exploit this.
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Top Ten Poker Tips

Poker Bible Tip 1
-   Deposit Bonuses.

Poker Bible Tip 2 -   Monthly Bonuses and Reload Bonuses.

Poker Bible Tip 3 -   How to get $150 for free. No Deposit Required.

Poker Bible Tip 4 -   How to get $35 for free. No Deposit Required.

Poker Bible Tip 5 -   Four free Poker Books worth over $100.

Poker Bible Tip 6 -   Free entry to a $27.50 Bounty Tournament.

Poker Bible Tip 7 -   $50 for signing up to a new online poker room.

Poker Bible Tip 8 -   Free use of Poker-Edge Software worth $110.85.

Poker Bible Tip 9 -   Free Poker Software.

Poker Bible Tip 10 - Where YOU should Play Online Poker.
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