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id someone just get very lucky against you or were you not as big a favourite as you first thought? Well if you'd like to find out then you'll need a poker odds calculator. Let me tell you where you can get them for free...
TurningRiver.com - Free Poker Odds Calculators.

Value of Tip: Improved poker odds knowledge. This is genuinely free Software.

Available to US players: Yes

Please Note: Will Only work on Windows based Operating Systems

What is TurningRiver.com?

Turning River is a site that provides free poker odds calculators. They do not simulate hands, they "enumerate" hands. That means they consider every possible hand, once. The results are more accurate, and do not change, unlike some online poker calculators.

What calculators are available?

There are 6 separate odds calculators available:

* Texas Hold �em
* Heads up Hold �em
* Omaha
* Omaha Hi-Lo
* 7 Card Stud
* 7 Cards Stud Hi-Lo

Why do you need a poker odds calculator?

There are a lot of situations in today's popular poker games (like Texas Hold �em and Omaha) where new players are not sure if the odds are in their favour or not. It's easy to be misled into thinking that hands like pocket Aces are always heavy favourites. Plug in several starting hands against pocket Aces, and see what your advantage really is. How does that advantage change when there are more people in the hand? Knowing the real odds can help you rethink the way you would play a hand.

Check your work, so to speak. Next time you play a hand where you think you must have been a 5 to 1 favourite, but were robbed by the river; find out what the odds really were.

How do the poker odds calculators work?

The calculators are simple to use. There is no typing involved, simply drag the cards in place, and click on the "calculate" button. Never touch the keyboard.

They display both the percentage of hands won, and the percentage of hands tied. Once you download the calculators you can use them offline.

How to get the software:

The programs are designed for use on Windows computers, and will not work on Apple machines.
If using Windows XP:


2.Click on a download link. You will be given the option of "saving" or "running" the file. You may save the file to any folder on your computer.

3.By selecting "run" the file will download into your temporary files folder. Once that happens you can then select "run" again at the next prompt to begin installing the program.

4.The programs will appear in a folder named "Turning River" on your computer, in the Programs folder. They will also appear in your start up menu.
Free Poker Odds Calculators
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