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ambling Online Magazine are offering a free 12 month subscription. This subscription is worth �12.99 in the UK, �39.99 in Europe and  $59.99 for the rest of the world. Unfortunately this offer is not currently available in the United States.
Value of Tip: �12.99, �39.99 or $59.99

Available to US Players:
Free 12 Month Poker Magazine Subscription
This is a genuine free poker magazine subscription - no credit or debit card details are needed. All you supply is your name and postal address. The subscription length is for 12 months which will include a monthly issue and an extra awards issue in January. The magazines will be delivered straight to your home.
Get Your Free Magazine Subscription:
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Gambling Online Magazine is a mainly poker based magazine that features news on other sports such as football, golf and boxing.

By going directly to The Gambling Online Magazine website you will find no mention of this offer. It is an exclusive deal brought to you by us.

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Simply enter your name and email in the form on the right. You will be sent an immediate confirmation email. After you confirm your email address you will be sent the link directing you to the special web page where you can get your free 12 month poker magazine subscription.

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