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elcome to the May 2009 edition of the Poker Bible Newsletter. This month's contains details of 3 recommendations. 1: How you can pay no rake when playing ring games. 2: Where you can find the best deposit bonuses in online poker. 3: How you can get �10 free to play bingo with and you won't believe how much fun it is.
1. Pay No Rake.

There is a new online poker room on the ever growing Action Poker network called PayNoRake. This poker room has set out to offer it's users the best value for money in online poker - and I think they've achieved this goal. All players are entitled to 50% of their rake back when playing ring games (cash games). Players are rewarded the more they play and it's possible to receive up to 100% of your rake contributions back.

Depending on how much rake you generate in a day you will get anywhere between 50% and 100% of your rake refunded. I believe this is the best rakeback deal available in online poker. What makes this deal even better is that the rake repayments are made every day at midnight - quicker than any deal I've seen before. To see how the rakeback % is calculated click here to visit the PayNoRake website then select "My Rakeback".

If most of the poker you play is in ring games then you definitely need to give PayNoRake a try. Rake at ring game tables is typically 3% to 5% of every pot. If you play a lot of this type of poker you will be paying out thousands of dollars in rake each year. By getting a minimum of 50% of this back you will be saving yourself a small fortune which is too good a deal to turn down.

PayNoRake offers a 100% up to $500 deposit bonus to all new players. However, for the first time ever, I'm going to suggest that you turn down the deposit bonus. The reason for this is that you won't get your rakeback payments whilst you are earning your bonus. The rakeback is more valuable than the bonus so don't take the bonus!

Click here to visit the PayNoRake website and take advantage of this fantastic offer.

If you primarily play tournament poker then PayNoRake is not the best online poker room for you as rake refunds do not apply to tournament entry fees. If this is the case, you should take advantage of the bonuses offered at Hollywood Poker, which is this months' Tip 2.

2. The Best Bonuses in Online Poker.

I have been studying the bonuses of all the major online poker rooms for a few years now and would consider myself to be well informed, if not an expert, when it comes to bonuses. What I have discovered is that the bonuses vary drastically between online poker rooms and some are far better value than others.

At every online poker room bonuses are earned based on how much you pay in rake or tournament entry fees. For instance, you pay the online poker room $4 in rake, and this earns you $1 in bonus. So the bonus is not free money but more a repayment of some of the money you paid the online poker room.

Hollywood Poker returns 62.5% of the money you pay them in rake and tournament fees as a bonus payment. This is one of the highest returns available (some online poker rooms offer as low as 12.5%). What makes Hollywood Poker a must is that they offer such a wide variety of bonuses. For instance, when you make your first deposit, you can choose between 8 different bonuses from $50 to $5000. Which one you choose should depend on how much you play as you have 90 days to compltete it. The bonus will be released in varying amounts depending on which bonus you choose. To see all of the deposit bonuses available and their exact details click here to visit the Hollywood Poker website and then select "Promotions". 

The icing on the cake is that even after you've earned your initial deposit bonus you can buy a new bonus each month with your Hollywood Poker Points (what else are you going to do with them). This means that the whole time you play at Hollywood Poker you can be earning some form of bonus - meaning you are always getting a 62.5% discount on rake and tournament fees!

In my opinion Hollywood Poker offers the best bonuses in online poker and that makes Hollywood Poker my number one recommendation of where to play. Click here to visit the Hollywood Poker website.

3. �10 Free at Wink Bingo.

I came across this offer to get �10 free at Wink Bingo. It's available to all new players and you don't need to make a deposit to get the free �10.

I'd never played online bingo before and I must admit my hopes weren't high. However a few games in I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. It was perhaps helped by the fact that I was quickly up to �30 after winning a few games.

The bingo cards vary in price between 5p and �1 and you can buy up to 24 cards for each game. The games start every minute or so and the lively chat feature helps to keep you entertained.

To get your free �10 click this link to take you to Wink Bingo.

You will have to register your card details to get this free �10. However you will not have to make any deposit to get the free �10.

The great thing about this offer is that you get the free �10 instantly, there is no waiting to be approved. An added bonus is that the bingo software runs in your browser so no download is needed.

As for my �10 I turned it into �55 before sadly losing it all. This led me to find a similar offer at 888 Ladies where you can get �5 for free:

Click here to get �5 free from 888 Ladies
May 2009 Newsletter