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hope by now I�ve convinced you just how important the deposit bonuses are if you want to be a winning poker player. You need to be moving from online poker room to online poker room taking advantage of these great offers.
However, if by your nature, you know you won�t enjoy moving between the online poker rooms like this than you need to take advantage of monthly bonuses or reload bonuses. You will get these at some online poker rooms to reward you for your continued custom.

Monthly Bonuses

Monthly bonuses are given to you every month for your loyalty. You do not need to make more deposits to get the bonus. Not every online poker room offers them and for those that do the monthly bonus is never as large as the deposit bonus. However, you don�t have to deposit any money and it is a reward you don�t get on every site so they are massively valuable. In fact the only major online poker rooms that offer monthly bonuses are those on the Cryptologic Network.

They are released at the same rate as the deposit bonus but vary in the increments they are released in. Take a look at the table below:

My thoughts:

Littlewoods Poker currently offers the best monthly bonus at �300. This is correct at the time of writing but will at times change back to a �100 monthly bonus. To check the current monthly bonuses simply click the hyperlink to Littlewoods Poker.

Even if it does change back to a �100 monthly bonus
Littlewoods Poker still offers the best return on your rake at 40%. This means that for every $1 you spend on rake you will get 40 cents back. If you compare this to the others it makes Littlewoods Poker easily the best choice of online poker room on the Cryptologic Network.

Something to bear in mind is that
Sun Poker pays out the monthly bonus in smaller increments starting at �10 then �15 and then in three instalments of �25. If you play at small stakes or not very regularly this may suit you best as you will find it takes you too long to qualify for your monthly bonus elsewhere.

Reload Bonuses

Reload bonuses differ from the monthly bonuses because you must deposit more money onto the online poker room to get the bonus. However, they are still massively worth doing if you play at any of these online poker rooms.

Remember: If you are currently not receiving any kind of bonus while you play online poker you are losing money.

A summary of the online poker rooms that offer reload bonuses is shown in the table below.

My thoughts:

CD Poker offers a big reload bonus of 70% up to $500 which is good as you can take advantage of that every month. However it also pays you the bonus at the slowest rate of all of these online poker rates (12.5%).

Celeb Poker offers a great one time only reload bonus of 100% up to �250 meaning in total you can get a bonus of �750 when combined with the initial deposit bonus.

Coral Poker only offers you a reload bonus of $25 a month it is actually possibly the best reload deal going as you will get your $25 after only contributing $50 of rake. This is a massive 50% refund and is ideal for smaller stakes players or those who play rarely.

I also have a tip for you as to how you can reload at
Coral Poker without actually putting more money onto your account. This means you�ll be getting your $25 for free each month. The secret to this is that Coral Poker is also a Sports Book (betting site) and a casino. Therefore you have to transfer your funds between the sports book, casino and poker room manually. So to get your $25 monthly bonus you can transfer $25 to your sports book from your poker account and then transfer it back to the poker account. Coral Poker will class this as a reload. Just remember to enter the monthly reload code when you transfer it back.

Summary of Monthly Bonuses and Reload Bonuses.

* If you are not prepared to change online poker rooms regularly then you definitely need to join an online poker room that offers either a monthly bonus or a reload bonus.
* Monthly bonuses do not require you to deposit more funds. Be aware of the sites that pay out in increments you will be able to achieve.
* Reload bonuses require you to deposit new funds on to your online poker room account but can still be a great way to boost your bankroll.
* Be aware that all of these bonuses are paid to you at different rates. Take advantage of the sites that give you the biggest percentage of your rake back in bonuses.
Monthly Bonuses and Reload Bonuses.
Online Poker Room Monthly Bonus Unit Points to Release a Unit of Bonus My Player Points per Unit of Rake Increment Bonus Released in & of Rake Returned
Inter Poker �100 or �60 Monthly Bonus $/� 10.0 3 �50 or �50 30.0%
Littlewoods Poker �300 Monthly Bonus $/�/� 7.5 3 �50 40.0%
Sun Poker �100 Monthly Bonus $/� 16.0 3 �10, �15, �25, �25, �25 18.8%
William Hill Poker �100 Monthly Bonus 20.0 3 �50 15.0%
Online Poker Room Reload Bonus Unit Points to Release a Unit of Bonus Points per Unit of Rake % Rake Back Bonus Offered Increment Bonus Released in Days to Complete Bonus
Absolute Poker From 15% to 100% $ 6 1 16.7% Offered 6 or 7 times a month. Max $100. $5 60
Celeb Poker 100% up to �250 20 4 20.0% Offered once. Min $20. �10 90
CD Poker 70% up to $500 $/�/� 120 15 12.5% Offered Monthly. % may vary. $10 30
Coral Poker $25 reload bonus $ 10 5 50.0% Offered Monthly. Deposit at least $25. $25 30
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