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o far I�ve given you lots of information about deposit bonuses, free stuff and software to use. You may be feeling like you can�t make your mind up about what to do first so in this Chapter I�ll attempt to summarise all this information and recommend what you should do.
Before I do that let me just tell you about where I play online poker. As I�ve already mentioned last year I made over $10,000 just through joining different online poker rooms and exploiting the deposit bonuses. Although I�ve almost ran out of online poker rooms to do this at there are new ones starting up all the time. If anything, the deposit bonuses are actually getting more generous in this competitive market.

But ultimately there are a few online poker rooms where I consistently play even though I�m no longer reaping the benefit of releasing a deposit bonus.

Betfair Poker (Not available to US players)

Betfair Poker is an independent poker network that is attached to the world�s largest betting exchange. Because of this there are many people who come across from the betting exchange to �have a go� at poker. If you can survive the crazy play of people with seemingly no starting hand requirements it can be a massively profitable place to play with or without a deposit bonus. You will find some of the worst online players around and should find it easy pickings.

Another great thing about
Betfair Poker is the ease of depositing and withdrawing funds. Because it is primarily a betting exchange money can be deposited and withdrawn quickly. Therefore you can deposit with all manner of bank cards and credit cards and withdraw straight back onto your card.

In fact all of the sites that were set up primarily as sports books are the easiest to withdraw money from, in particular the British sports book. You also have the peace of mind of knowing you are dealing with companies that are over 50 years old and will always protect you and your money. Such sites are
Ladbrokes Poker, Coral Poker and William Hill.

Carbon Poker (Available to US players)

Carbon Poker is the largest poker room on the Merge Gaming Network. It enjoys a very low skill base of poker players due to the fact that all of the other poker rooms on the Merge Gaming Network are primarily Sports Books. New players or players just blowing off steam always seem to come in large numbers from the Sports Books which is great news if you like your players particularly fishy.

If I fancy a game of poker when the European players are sleeping I always log on to
Carbon Poker to take advantage of some of the worst US players you can find.

Full Tilt Poker (Available to US players)

I play at
Full Tilt Poker simply because I love it. The graphics, game play and in-game action are the best you can find. It�s a busy site so there are always games to be played and it hosts some of the biggest online tournaments. The standard of play is pretty good but there are still plenty of fish to be found if you know where to look.

Ultimately I would play at
Full Tilt Poker all the time if I was able to constantly take advantage of a deposit bonus. Alas, this is not the case.

Where should you play?

New Players

If you�re new to poker or you�ve never played online poker before then the reality is that you will probably lose money to start with. Because of this you should take advantage of the sites that give you money for free. You might as well practice with their money.

PokerNetOnline - They�ll give you $150 for free when you open a Titan Poker account.
Poker Bible Tip 3)

VC Poker - They�ll give you $35 for free. (See Poker Bible Tip 4)

Cardoza Poker - No money for free but they�ll give you 4 free poker books and free software. All of this will help you to improve your game. (See Poker Bible Tip 5)

Casual Players

If you play casually you�ll need a deposit bonus that will pay out without you having to play too much poker and will give you a long time to unlock the bonus in full.

Hollywood Poker and Mansion Poker pay the deposit bonus to you at a rate of 62.5% of the fees they receive off of you. So for every $1 you give them they give you 62.5 cents back (this is massive). Mansion Poker releases the deposit bonus in increments of $10 whereas Hollywood Poker releases the deposit bonus in larger increments.

Regular Players

If you play almost every day then you need to be moving between online poker rooms regularly taking advantage of all the deposit bonuses you can. Target the ones that pay out at the highest rate first such as
VC Poker (67.5%), Ladbrokes Poker (67.5%), Hollywood Poker (62.5%) and Mansion Poker (62.5%). Use the tables here to help you decide which bonuses suit you best. Remember they are often released in different increments and some need to be completed quicker than others. Be aware that if you play for very small stakes you may struggle to release some deposit bonuses in full, even if you play regularly.

Very Frequent Players or Professional Players.

If you are playing medium stakes poker (and above) for fairly long periods every day then you are in the professional category. Even if it�s not how you make your living you should treat your poker playing the same way as a professional would. You need to make as much money as you can and to do this you�ll need to change your online poker room regularly. I made over $10,000 last year just by changing online poker rooms and taking advantage of the deposit bonuses. It paid my rent!

Use the table
here to see the online poker rooms that release the deposit bonus at the highest percentage. Be aware that some of these sites will award even bigger deposit bonuses than they offer to normal players.

Hollywood Poker offers a 1000% up to $5000 deposit bonus. You will also get tournament tickets if you complete this as well as iPods and other gifts.

PKR offers a 100% up to $2000 deposit bonus if you contact them directly before making your deposit.

If you want to play against weak opponents

As I mentioned at the beginning of this chapter
Betfair Poker and Carbon Poker have some of the weakest players online.

If you want to play a fully interactive game

PKR offers fully customizable players and tables in their fully 3D poker site. If you want to be able to do chip tricks and choose what your player wears, this is the site for you.

If you want some free stuff

Cardoza Poker will give you four free poker books and The Ten Commandments of Poker Software which will help improve your game. (See Poker Bible Tip 5)

Doyle's Room will give you free entry into their $27.50 Bounty Tournament.
Poker Bible Tip 6)

If you just want to play on the best all-round online poker room

In my opinion
Full Tilt Poker is the best online poker room. The graphics and in game options make this site the most user friendly place to play.

If you want some free software to help your game

Cardoza Poker offers some free software. (See Poker Bible Tip 5)

Poker-Edge offers a free 5 day trial of their software. This software will really help your game. (See Poker Bible Tip 8)

Texas Calculatem and Sharksope are also very useful. (See Poker Bible Tip 9)

If you want a reload bonus

Littlewoods Poker offers one of the best reload bonuses. (See Poker Bible Tip 2)

If you want a monthly bonus

Coral Poker offers one of the best monthly bonuses. (See Poker Bible Tip 2)
Poker Bible Tip 10 - Where YOU should play Online Poker.
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