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hope by now I�ve convinced you just how important the deposit bonuses are if you want to be a winning poker player. Let me tell you about where you can get the best deposit bonus in online poker.
I have been studying the bonuses of all the major online poker rooms for a few years now and would consider myself to be well informed, if not an expert, when it comes to bonuses. What I have discovered is that the bonuses vary drastically between online poker rooms and some are far better value than others.

At every online poker room bonuses are earned based on how much you pay in rake or tournament entry fees. For instance, you pay the online poker room $4 in rake, and this earns you $1 in bonus. So the bonus is not free money but more a repayment of some of the money you paid the online poker room.

Hollywood Poker returns 62.5% of the money you pay them in rake and tournament fees as a bonus payment. This is one of the highest returns available (some online poker rooms offer as low as 12.5%). What makes Hollywood Poker a must is that they offer such a wide variety of bonuses. For instance, when you make your first deposit, you can choose between 8 different bonuses from $50 to $5000. Which one you choose should depend on how much you play as you have 90 days to compltete it. The bonus will be released in varying amounts depending on which bonus you choose. To see all of the deposit bonuses available and their exact details click here to visit the Hollywood Poker website and then select "Promotions". 

The icing on the cake is that even after you've earned your initial deposit bonus you can buy a new bonus each month with your Hollywood Poker Points (what else are you going to do with them). This means that the whole time you play at Hollywood Poker you can be earning some form of bonus - meaning you are always getting a 62.5% discount on rake and tournament fees!

In my opinion Hollywood Poker offers the best bonuses in online poker and that makes Hollywood Poker my number one recommendation of where to play. Click here to visit the Hollywood Poker website.
Poker Bible Tip 2 - The Best Deposit Bonus.
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