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uckyAcePoker are giving all new players a free copy of Pokerbility. New players will also be able to take advantage of a 100% up to $400 deposit bonus. You will also be able to enter an exclusive $500 freeroll tournament.
LuckyAcePoker has taken an active interest in the success of its customers, and with this in mind is giving away a Pokerbility odds calculator with every new deposit.

Pokerbility instantly calculates the odds during a hand of Texas Hold�em, and makes suggestions regarding what a player should do next.  While nothing can guarantee success, Pokerbility will give a player an edge over the competition, and result in greater winnings.

You will have a full license which will allow you to use Pokerbility on any of the compatible poker rooms.

What Pokerbility does:

It will tell you:

The hand rank. Hand rank is a number, from 0 to 100. This is a rating of the quality of a given Texas Hold'em hand (100% being the best).

Before the flop, Hold'em hands are ranked according to a hands historic performance combined with the given number of opponents. This means that a hand that is strong against a single opponent may do poorly, statistically, against 5 or 8 opponents. As always, a pair of aces is the best hand before the flop, but 9-4 off-suit (not the same suit) is not always the worst hand (statistically speaking, 3-2 off-suit loses more often in a heads-up game).

After the flop, hand ranking is more direct and the cards are ranked only by their strength in combination with the cards on the table. For example, if your Texas Hold'em hand rank is 50% after the flop, this means that half of all possible hands out there would beat you at that point.

When Pokerbility� recommends betting advice, it takes into account all the known factors, such as hand rank, the chances of improving your hand by drawing certain cards (known as outs), the number of people you are playing against, what cards these opponents might be holding, and your position at the table.

What Pokerbility does not show:

Pokerbility� provides direction based only on the data available. The tool cannot factor is the human equation, such as bluffing, and the users particular read on the players at the table.

To get all the above, and your free Pokerbility license, all you need to do is:

1) Download and Install
2) Become a Real Money Player at LuckyAcePoker
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