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he Doyle's Room Bounty Tournament is not only one of the best online tournaments around it is also possible to play in it for free. This fantastic offer is available to everyone and is a great chance to win some big money without risking any money of your own.
Value of Tip: $27.50

Available to US players: Yes

What is the Doyle�s Room Bounty Tournament?

Doyle's Room Bounty Tournament is a weekly chance to take a shot at the legendary Doyle Brunson and his special guest bounty players for free!

As well as the prize pool you can win a bounty if you knock out any of Doyle's bounty players. 1 player = $500, 2 players = $5,000, all 3 players = $25,000.

The beauty of the bounty tournament is that everyone gets a chance to take on a legend without risking a cent! Getting your full one time rebate is instant and easy, so it costs you nothing for a chance at $25,000!

Play The Bounty for the first time and at the end of the tournament you can claim a full refund of every penny of your $27.50 buy-in and fees.

Three Steps to get your free Bounty ticket.

1. Download the software from: www.doylesroom.com
2. Deposit at least $27.50 into your account.
3. Play the Bounty Tournament.
4. After you have played in the Bounty return to:
5. Then click the bounty rebate page button and get your full and instant rebate of $27.50. As I�ve said the bounty is 100% free!

Who is eligible and how it works

Any player that joins
Doyle's Room is eligible to receive a full rebate of the $27.50 Bounty buy-in fee. However, due to fraud issues, all players must follow the same procedure to get in the Bounty Tournament. Even though it's a 100% free rebate, you must initially pay the $27.50 entry fee. 

Then, after finishing play in the bounty, go to The Bounty rebate page and enter your username. The system will then confirm that you have played in The Bounty and that this is your first time to claim the rebate. You will then receive an immediate rebate of your $27.50 entry fee into your account. Players that have played in the bounty before and already received the rebate will not be refunded.

Why else should you join Doyle�s Room?

You will also receive a 110% up to $550 deposit bonus. So if you deposit $500 you will receive a $550 deposit bonus. This deposit bonus is earnt at a rate of 40.4% per dollar you pay in rake which is an excellent return and well worth depositing as much as you can afford. 

Summary of Tip 6 - Free entry to a $27.50 Bounty Tournament

* Even if you already have a Doyle's Room account but have yet to claim a refund for The Bounty Tournament you are still eligible to claim this offer.
* US players are accepted.
* You have to pay for the $27.50 Bounty Tournament first and then claim a refund.
* You can combine this with a great 110% deposit bonus up to $550.
Poker Bible Tip 6 - Free entry to a $27.50 Bounty Tournament.
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