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et me tell you about a really great tip. Poker-Edge is a fantastic piece of software that I believe can really help your poker game. It is available to try for free for 5 days or you can get it free for three months.
Value of Tip: $110.85 or a 5 day free trial

Available to US players: Yes

What is Poker-Edge?

Poker-Edge is a piece of software that tells you all about the players at your poker table. It automatically overlays each player�s statistics onto the poker table allowing you to instantly see how each player plays. Just some of the things it will tell you are:

* How loose/tight a player is,
* Whether they're likely to defend their big blind,
* How often they raise,
* How often they enter pots,
* The percentage of hands they win at showdown.

The software runs on top of your poker table giving you live access to each player's style of play (see the picture below). It also defines each player by a playing style such as rock, shark and fish. Definitions of what these player types mean can be found at

The display automatically recognizes your opponents and overlays their key statistics next to their name at the table. An icon is also displayed showing their playing type (fish, shark etc). This can help you to quickly identify what type of player you are up against. Beware of the sharks!

Want to know what style of player you are?

Enter your poker screenName in the box above to find out what type of player you are.

This is the information other people have on you when they play against you.

The following table is an example of the information you will get. It shows a player classed as �a bomb� on Full Tilt Poker:

To get your own report sent to your email address visit: www.poker-edge.com

Why should you get Poker-Edge?

Poker-Edge software enables you to get an understanding of who you are playing against. Ninety-nine times out of a hundred you will sit down in a tournament or ring game and not know anything about the playing styles of your opponents. By the time you figure out how people are playing (and you may never do) you will probably be out of the tournament or out of money. With this software running not only will you know who the better/worse players are but you�ll also get an understanding of their game which can be massively profitable.

I use this software all the time and it pays for itself over and over. It will show me the same information (and more) that is shown in the table above. First thing I�ll normally look at is how often the players to my left defend their big blinds. If they fold to a raise a high percentage of the time I�ll know I can get away with stealing their blinds regularly. Conversely, if I know they like to defend their big blind, I�ll save myself chips by only raising with premium hands.

I can also look at how often a player raises pre-flop. If this percentage is too high I know it�s less likely that this player has a big hand and can feel more confident calling the raise or perhaps raising them back. Conversely if a player raises, who only raises pre-flop something like 5% of the time, I can give them the credit of having a good hand and lay down my marginal hand and save myself a lot of chips.

How much is Poker-Edge?

To get the full
Poker-Edge software costs from $4.95 a month for the Silver Package rising to $29.95 a month for the Gold Package based on a 12 month subscription. There are a variety of packages and the price of each depends on how long you want it for. There is a choice of 1 month, 3 months or 12 months with the price per month decreasing the more months you pay for.

I have a full year�s subscription to the Gold Package and for me it is a great investment as I feel this software can earn me $29.95 in one hand let alone over the course of a month.

How can you get it for free?

The great thing about
Poker-Edge is that you can test the software for 5 days free of charge. This is the full software that you would get if you�d subscribed. To get your free trial right now, simply visit: www.poker-edge.com

When loading the software select �5 day trial� and it�s yours to play with a much as you want over those 5 days. You may even find that you can earn enough over those 5 days to invest in a full subscription. By the end of the 5 days you�ll know whether you want the software or not.

Get the software for free for a further 3 months (Worth $110.85)

now offers the software for free in conjunction with trying out a new online poker room. This offer is for three months subscription to the Gold Package which costs $36.95 a month, thus $110.85 overall. As well as this offer you are also still eligible to receive the deposit bonuses at the online poker room you�ll have to sign up to.

Below are the poker sites available for this offer and the deposit bonuses you can get:

Bodog Poker (US friendly) 110% bonus up to $500
Lucky Ace Poker (US unfriendly) 25% bonus up to $100
Titan Poker(US unfriendly)100% bonus up to $500
CD Poker(US unfriendly)100% bonus up to $500

This is a great offer if you feel you�d like longer to try out the software but feel uneasy about committing to pay for it upfront.

How can they afford to give it away for free?

When they give it to you for free for three months they will make their money by receiving a referral fee from the online poker room you have to join.
Should you be put off by this?

The money that
Poker-Edge will make from the online poker room will not affect you in any way. You�ll still be eligible for the deposit bonus at the online poker room and you won�t have to pay any more in terms of fees or rake. It just means that Poker-Edge will share the profits that the online poker room makes. That�s not necessarily a bad thing as you�re getting something worth $110.85 for free.

Summary of Tip 8 - Free use of Poker-Edge Software

* You can get a summary of your own playing style sent to your email address.
* It is available to trial for free for 5 days. See how much you can earn in that time.
* You can get a 3 month free (worth $110.85) trial if you join a new online poker room.
Poker Bible Tip 8 - Free use of Poker-Edge Software worth $110.85.
Poker Table

Big Bets Won / 100 hands


Positive indicates a winning player; negative is a losing player.



Shows how tight or loose a player is. Less than 20% is considered tight. Greater than 40% is very loose.

PreFlop Raise %


Raising preflop more than 10% is somewhat wild. 5% is average. Less than 3% is passive.

PostFlop Aggression


This is the ratio of (bets+raises) to calls. Greater than 2 is aggressive, less than 1 is passive.

Cold Call %


Calling 2+ bets "cold" preflop. Numbers greater than 10% show looseness.

Blind Steal Attempt %


How often a players raises in late position to "steal" blinds. If number is greater than PreFlopRaise %, he is a stealer!

Fold Small Blind to Steal %


How often a player folds his small blind to a steal. If this number is high, you can steal his blind easily.

Fold Big Blind to Steal %


How often a player folds his big blind to a steal. If this number is high, you can steal his blind easily.

Went to Showdown if Flop Seen %


How often a player goes to showdown if he sees a flop. Numbers greater than 35% show a calling station.

Showdown Win %


How often a player wins at showdown. Numbers lower than 50% show weak hands at showdown.


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