How can I get it for free?

It currently retails for $69.95 which is well worth paying as it will pay for itself many times over. However if you�d rather not pay for it you can get it for free by signing up to a new online poker room. Simply visit the
Texas Calculatem site and choose one of the 7 online poker rooms to sign up to.

The main online poker rooms to choose from are Titan Poker, Party Poker, Carbon Poker and Ultimate Bet Poker.

You will have to deposit at least $50 and complete the instructions given.
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oker Software is now an essential part of online poker. In this Tip I'll talk about Texas Calculatem and SharkScope. Both of these can improve your game dramatically and I'll show you how you can get them for free.
Texas Calculatem

Value of Tip: $69.99

Available to US players: Yes

What is Texas Calculatem?

Texas Calculatem is the best poker odds calculator available. It uses Auto-Read technology that gives you hand odds and betting advice in real-time helping you maximize your winnings.  You never have to input any data or give it any instruction.  Just attach the calculator to your game, and Texas Calculatem does all the hard work.

When you play with
Texas Calculatem, you�ll instantly see the strength of your hand and get real-time betting advice.  It uses complex mathematical formulas to recommend the best play on every hand - check, call, fold, or raise.  It�s all based on your hand and the cards that have been played. 

Texas Calculatem is the hottest selling odds calculator on the market.  It�s so accurate it�s hard not to win money!  Plus, it�s completely customizable.  You can adjust its betting advice to meet your style - loose or aggressive, tight or passive.  Even change it up based on positioning or pre and post-flop betting.

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Texas Calculatem's intuitive interface shows you your exact situation at a glance. The table, poker odds advice bar, and poker odds chart give you just enough information without being too overwhelming. A novice may choose to simply follow the advice given. More experienced users will find the additional info, including odds of making certain hands, odds of one of your opponents making certain hands, # outs, pre-flop hand strength, very useful. In the fast paced online Texas Holdem environment, it is essential to have a poker odds calculator watching along with you. The window is sizeable and can be placed above or below the poker game window. Texas Holdem users with limited screen space may find the Mini-mode option a great alternative...